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It has been said that a picture says more than one thousand words.

We are building this picture gallery to showcase a few examples of the gorgeous smiles that Drs. Alex and Nina Basti have created for residents of Mission Viejo, CA, and surrounding areas. We invite you to browse these photos, and see for yourself what excellent quality of work they do. The picture gallery is also a great place to start when considering cosmetic dentistry.

Every individual has a slightly different concept of beauty. If you can find one or several examples of smiles that have the "look" you want, be sure to show your doctor. In addition to our gallery, you can check magazines, websites, and even photos of your friends and family.

Cosmetic dentistry always begins with an in-depth consultation, and it is important to tell the doctors what you like and dislike about your smile. Perhaps you find the ultra-white “movie star” smile captivating; or maybe you prefer the look of natural beauty, with subtle variations and a less bold shade of white. You may not even know what makes certain smiles so striking, which is why photographic examples are a great help to the doctors. While you may not be able to pinpoint exactly what features catch your eye, a skilled cosmetic dentist can analyze the smile, and create a plan to help you achieve a similar look.

The doctors are well versed in the principles of smile design, which is more complex than you might imagine. They analyze every feature from the overall shape and proportions of your face to the microesthetics of color inclusions and edge details on each tooth. Quality cosmetic dentistry requires a blend of advanced scientific knowledge, exceptional dental skills, good patient communication, and a naturally artistic eye. Drs. Alex and Nina Basti have perfected that recipe for dazzling smiles!

If you would like to learn a bit more about the doctors and the work they do, just visit our testimonials page. You will find links to our social profiles, where many of our delighted patients have shared their beautiful experiences. You can also call 949-201-4721 or stop by our office in Mission Viejo and schedule a cosmetic consultation.

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