Laser Whitening Produces Dramatic Results and a Stunning Smile

Laser WhiteningIn our San Clemente dental office, we provide laser whitening as a means for creating stunning smiles. If you are tired of your appearance and are looking to give yourself a makeover – start with your smile. This is one easy way to start the transformation, just as easy, in fact, as getting your hair cut. Unlike other activities like starting a diet and exercise plan, when you whiten your teeth, you get immediate results. For this reason, we recommend doing this first so that you can have the encouragement you need to continue with your overall makeover.

A new look for spring

With spring and summer coming up, now is a great time to create a new look with a brighter smile. This is not the time to be stuck inside or in a rut. While you plan for your summertime activities, think of how you will feel if you have a whole new look, then give us a call.

Laser Whitening procedure

We can complete the laser whitening in one sitting with instantaneous results. We recommend that the patient first comes in for a teeth cleaning and dental exam. This way, we can remove the plaque and tartar from the teeth while ensuring that they are in good health. The patient never wants to try and cover up a tooth infection or cavity. Instead, the patient will want to treat it before the discomfort intensifies, the infection spreads and the tooth becomes a lovely shade of gray. This is what happens with an untreated tooth infection so regardless of whether or not one whitens his or her teeth, they will not look good if they are unhealthy. For this reason, we can treat any health conditions the patient suffers from so that the patient can enjoy summer.

Next, we will typically whiten the teeth. The procedure is incredibly simple. We will apply a whitening solution to the teeth, using special dental lasers to heat up and activate the whitening agent. This is what makes the process so fast. Patients can also whiten their teeth at home using dental whitening trays, which also work, but the process is longer because of the lack of lasers. At home, patients may need to whiten their teeth for a week or two on a daily basis in order to get the same results as one treatment in our dental office. Typically, patients can be in and out in under an hour. Something that virtually everyone has time to do.

Laser whitening can make patients look years younger. Given how easy and convenient it is to complete, there is no reason to skip the procedure. Human nature says that white teeth are a sign of youth and good health. Starting your makeover with a white smile will return your youthful appearance that can be augmented with a new haircut, a fit and healthy body, and your new wardrobe. Call our dental office at (949) 201-4719 and get started today to love your appearance again.

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