A Dentist in San Clemente Shares Facts About Dental Care That You Should Know

Posted on: August 15, 2016

 DentistAs a dentist in San Clemente, we believe that our patients should be informed about dental care. We believe that once people understand the basics of dental care, they can make an educated decision about their treatments.  Since there are multiple ways to address dental health problems, it is important to select the right procedure.  By taking the time to discuss all of the options, we are confident that patients will make the right decision for their lifestyle and smile goals. During these meetings, we find that there are many misconceptions about dentistry.  Since many of the questions are the same from client to client, we are providing the answers for you here.

Will my tooth need to be pulled?

In general, no.  We prefer to restore a tooth that has become damaged or infected with a variety of proven methods.  It is better for the health of your jawbone, eating and speaking to keep a natural tooth intact. Thus, we will do whatever we can in order to save it.  For example, if you crack your tooth while playing basketball, we can use a crown to restore it, protect it and save it.  Likewise, if your tooth is chipped, we can use a crown or veneer.  Even infected teeth can typically be saved by performing a root canal procedure to remove the infected area only.  The remaining tooth structure can stay in place and a filling will replace the tooth structure that was lost to an infection.  In order to ensure that we do not have to pull your tooth, visit our office right away upon damaging it.

Can my sensitive teeth be fixed?

Yes, they can.  As a local dentist, we can protect your sensitive teeth, by sealing up the exposed dentin and nerve endings.  Teeth become sensitive when the outer protective layer (enamel) wears away due to age, health or eating habits. When it does, the dentin underneath is exposed. Since the nerve endings are inside the pores of the dentin, whenever anything touches the tooth, a pain signal is sent to the brain. This is why the only way to permanently treat the problem is to seal up the dentin using a dental procedure.

How can you improve my smile?

As a cosmetic dentist, there are multiple ways that we can improve the appearance of teeth.  We often start with a teeth whitening procedure.  Once teeth are no longer yellow, or the stains have been lifted, we can go to work addressing other issues.  For example, we can use dental veneers to make your teeth look natural and uniform.  Many people like this option because their teeth are too small or have different shapes.  Veneers can also cover dark stains that will not fall off if one goes through a whitening procedure. Veneers will help close the gaps and make the teeth appear straight.  They are so versatile that there is virtually nothing they can not address.  If this is not the right solution, we can use other treatments like dental crowns or bonding.


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